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Angel Message: Balance

Angel Message - faith ~ see an angel walking a tight rope

Yup, that’s how it seems sometimes to meet deadlines at work or play office politics, address a needy friend, take care of an emotional child (parent/spouse), let alone carve out a few moments for downtime….how do we find balance? I see an angel putting it’s arms around you as if it’s okay to say ‘I just can’t today’ or ‘I need help’…whether that request is to higher realms or to other people, it is necessary. ‘No man is an island’ said Thomas Merton ~ comes to mind. Request for help does not mean you are weak (I recommend sending whatever it is you need help with, bills/a relationship/job, etc that you send it off in a bubble to the heavens and give thanks that it is resolved promptly!) Asking for help is being honest with yourself and those around you ~ no matter the playing field. As I say this, the angel is distributing papers in / out baskets to mean: identify your priorities. Actually, you’ll feel it when something feels right (feels good) and when it is not (you feel conflicted/stressed). Being honest with yourself and others will lead to more spare time. Just be sure to fill in the gap with more important matters that tug at your heart. Like going on more adventures! Even if it is a retreat to the backyard….Bless, LL

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