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Angel Message: Humor

Angel Message - faith~ you know you need it!

See a clown holding balloons….doesn’t necessarily mean one will show up at your door today (how frightening) or that you are going to a circus/party ( and maybe you are?! ), but rather that you need to find ways to inject humor into a situation, especially if you sense things are stiff, stifled and or draining. That even means taking time out to watch or do something that will make you have a good laugh (I watched the HEAT with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy ~ made me laugh for a good few days). Humor is a good way to lighten the situation. As I say this, I see this clown (or angel rather) open a gift, expecting a great reward from the experience ~ the angel pulls out a crown out of the gift box ~ which means to me that you’ll hold more value or power to influence others as a result. Because humor is infectious. People are won over when someone makes them feel good…and makes them smile ~ because everyone is going thru something. That little light during your day, and passed onto another person(s), can make a big impact in the long run. Keep your eyes open for these opportunities in your personal and professional environment in the next few days. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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