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Angel Message for Week: The ‘Angel of Love’ re-opens your heart to someone who you’ve withdrawn from…and question whether or not deserves your love. You already know who this is in your life because they sit uncomfortably upon your heart. It is possible to love again. It is possible to bridge the divide. And you do not have to force love to happen. However, you can choose to let go; Harboring ill will towards the other person from your heart. This simple action is love. It hurts you more than any other person to hold onto the anger, jealousy, hate, frustration, etc. All you need to do is this simple exercise before going to sleep, before rising in the morning and anytime the past resentment, towards the other person, surfaces; Take a deep inhale and on your exhale cast the person from your heart. Visualize this happening and if you can’t ~ pretend you can as if it were taking place. See this person drift into the light. And then say, ‘Bless (state persons name)’ ~ say it out loud if possible. Be patient. This maybe hard at first, but becomes easier in time. You’ll neutralize those bad feelings inside because you are sending out love vibrations. And you’ll start to see grace in action; Miraculously the other person appears open and receptive to rekindling relations with you too. There is new found forgiveness and respect with all parties involved. Welcome your feedback. Bless, LL
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