Angel Messages for Week 6/13/16; The ‘Angel of Tender’ will give you an opportunity to exhibit a little tenderness this week; whether it is for yourself or someone else there is power in this act of kindness for everyone involved. Things aren’t always dark as they appear, but as humans, we all struggle through an emotional storm every now and then which can manifest in many ways such as; anger, grief, strife, depression, sorrow.…whatever you call it, it is fear. The best way to overcome these passages is through love. First, be kind to yourself by doing something that will shift the energy; Give yourself a hug. Maybe go for a walk, ride a bike, read a book, writing, play music, play with your pet, chat with a friend, or treat yourself to a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Just do something that you love ~ so to inspire a different landscape (a better perspective) which will effortlessly overflow onto others around you. Everyone benefits from your compassionate heart that naturally heals and strengthens bonds. Welcome your feedback ~ Bless, LL   Tender is the Night by Jackson Browne ;

When you’re ready to be tender
Tender, tender tender
And in the hard light of an angry sun
No one remembers what was said or done
Tender are the words they choose

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