Messages of Love

I began living

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Messages of Love Story by Randy I was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago. As a mother, I try to remain positive. However, this news was a hard blow. Weirdly, I felt I deserved it. Feeling sorry for myself, I lost hope to live. One day, I sat down in an attempt to meditate. […]

VIP Messages

My journey

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VIP Message for Ana: My question is, will marriage or partnership and children be a part of my journey? Ana Laura Lee: Yes, yes, Ana, you can count on marriage or a partnership, and children are part of your path too. The right person has a heart of gold because they are involved in public service […]

Angel Messages

Celebrate your life

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Angel Message: 2022 is a year to celebrate your life! You survived another year, bid it goodbye, and welcomed a new year which means you are ALIVE to see it happen. There’s hope in what the new year holds. 2022 is a master number for achievement, and it is also an angel number for communication. […]