Messages of Love

We are angels

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We are angels ~ Messages of Love Story by Lee: My 94-year-old grandmother fell this week. Grandma has fallen and bumped her head so many times that we all lost count. We usually joke with her that she has nine lives. The only difference this time; she broke a clavicle and multiple ribs that put […]

VIP Messages

Calibrating divine time

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Calibrating divine time ~ VIP Message: My co-founder and I are currently working on a new business that offers investment advisory and education around blockchain technology. I am kindly requesting assistance in calibrating to the divine timing to launch this project. If available, any further guidance regarding the project would be greatly appreciated. Ren Dear […]

Angel Messages


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Validation ~ Angel Message: You receive validation from a credible source. Not only do you value the input and support, but the recognition would mean the world to anyone else in your position. But you’re incredibly grounded about the whole thing. It isn’t like you needed the affirmation to justify your existence. The intrinsic nature […]