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Heavenly angels’ song

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Heavenly angels’ song ~ Messages of Love Story by Anne:  I struggle with intense back and leg pain. I’ve prayed for support to help ease my pain and suffering. My doctors put me through physical therapy, and while it helped somewhat, I’m still miserable. Currently, I’m taking medication as needed, and use a cane, to […]

VIP Messages

Meant to be

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Meant to be ~ VIP Message: Any guidance for the relationship with my boyfriend Luke; is he meant to be in my life long term? Thank you, Krysten  Laura Lee: The answer is always in the question. You wouldn’t ask the question if you already’ knew’ the answer. When you don’t ‘know, something within you already […]

Angel Messages


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Rhythm ~ July Angel Message: You finally find your rhythm again. Or your rhythm found you while trying out some new moves! Change is always throwing us out of sync. But, there’s always a good reason to modify our patterns and get out of an old rut. You needed to discover a better way that […]