Messages of Love

She feared anesthesia

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She feared anesthesia ~ Messages of Love Story by Alex: I was walking in a lovely old neighborhood with trimmed landscapes,  mature trees, and flowering shrubbery in my dream.  An old Victorian home seemed to welcome, even entice me to enter.  The rooms were painted and papered in warm, welcoming colors.   I heard someone […]

VIP Messages

COVID vaccine; OK?

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COVID vaccine; OK? ~ VIP Message: I speak to my spirit guides, ascended masters, and angels all the time, but I can’t hear them, so I’m hoping through you they can answer my question. My question is this if I get the Covid vaccine, will I be OK? There’s a long story as to why […]

Angel Messages


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Hopeful ~ Angel Message: Keep hopeful in spirit for what lies ahead. Your future is now, depending on the choices you make today. You hold enormous power within to co-create what is to come. Release your worries at once. Lookup for hopeful inspiration. Whenever you feel weary, ask the heavens for a sign of hope […]