April 2021



Alarm ~ Angel Message: There’s no need for alarm. Your body’s warning signals were not to scare you but built in to get your immediate attention. Hold steady in the face of adversity. You diffuse the situation by your response. Once things settle and you reassess the problem, you’ll realize things weren’t as bad as …

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Serenity ~ Angel Message:  Surrender what you can’t control to find serenity. The world gives you the false impression that you can have it all, instantly gratifying your wishes now. Over time, yes, it is possible to accomplish your objectives. Step by step, everything manifests in its own divine time. But, believing that everything is …

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Balance ~ Angel Message: You find that sweet spot for life balance. You know you’re off-balance when spinning circles like a top that’s out of control, not knowing what direction to take. You become wobbly following other people’s demands, dreams, or wishes. You can’t find solid ground when ricocheting off other people’s reactions, moods, or …

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