February 2021



Loyal ~ Angel Message:  Remain loyal to your heart. When you are faithful to the heart, stars line up in your favor. It may not always appear so upon first glance, but time and patience prove rewarding. When you go against the heart’s inner knowledge, things become confusing; the heart and head clash. For best …

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Heart ~ Angel Message: Something deep within your heart calls out for attention. Whatever that may be for you, it’s superior, above all else, in comparison. It brings meaning and light to your life. If it isn’t already at the top of your priorities, reposition it there now. Your heart is intuitive. It is more …

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Past life

Past Life ~ VIP Message: What was my most recent past life? Tia  Laura Lee: The image that comes to mind is an elderly lady who had limited movement, using a walker, and confined to her home. She appeared isolated. I don’t know if she’s always lived in an empty house, but this is what I …

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Reconnect ~ Angel Message:  You reconnect with someone distant. Though it felt as if bonds broke, they weren’t. The time apart gave you time to reevaluate priorities and concentrate on more critical matters in your life. It also gave you time to think about engaging from a more profound level with mutual understanding and respect …

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Do ~ Angel Message: You know what to do. The answer is within you. The thoughts swirl around in your head, softly repeating to nudge you to just go do it. Stop ignoring your inner wisdom with your nonsensical distractions, myriad of excuses you give yourself, or unfounded fears that only exist in your head. …

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