January 2021

will ~ angel message


Will ~ Angel Message: You will find a way. There’s always a solution to any challenge. Anything is possible when you’re open and resolved to search for it. Please make up your mind to remain focused on the intention to move forward, knowing that the next step WILL be clear to you. Don’t allow setbacks to interfere …

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Power ~ Angel Message: Take back your power. You have unlimited potential but guilty of putting restrictions around your capacity to be, do, and have all the world has to offer. And you allow other people, society, institutions to define who you are, that confines your growth. In truth, you are unbounded and have free …

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Searching for happiness ~ VIP Message: I recently changed jobs to pay off mounting debts. Honestly, I was unhappy in that old job. I’m finding it hard to pay off the debt and wonder if I’m even on the right path for me. I feel like I’m always searching for happiness. Thanks, Dee The pursuit …

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Release ~ Angel Message:  Release your grip on the past that brings you grief. It no longer serves your welfare, now or in the future. The past is only an illusion that you choose to conjure up in your mind on repeat. It is an albatross that weighs you down, keeping you stuck and stagnate. The past does …

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Need ~ Angel Message:  You have all that you need to make it through the coming day(s), week(s), and year(s). You often confuse the difference between what you ‘want’ and what you ‘need.’ Wants are superfluous; they are like the whipped cream and a cherry on top. They are an added life bonus. Typically, wishes …

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