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Choose to believe

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Choose to believe – Message of Love Story by Nancy:  Hello, Laura~ I hope your family has recovered from Covid and all is well with you. I have a spirited story for you!  I was dusting bookshelves on the day before Thanksgiving. On my shelves are books and framed family photographs. On the lower shelf is […]

Angel Messages


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Give ~ Angel Message:  The greatest gift you can give is from your heart. That thing you do, better than any other, was your gift to share with the world. Like breathing, it is essential to share your heart to thrive in life. If you lack the courage to reveal your heart, ask to be […]

VIP Messages

Shift my energy

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Shift my energy ~ VIP Message:  My youngest daughter, Joy, 31 years old, passed away in October. I feel her death was in direct response to my cruel behavior towards her when she was 14. I sent her overseas to live with her sister for six months for no good reason other than my wrong […]

Angel Messages


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Neighbor ~ Angel Message:  Your neighborly good deed pays unexpected dividends. In this case, a neighbor can extend beyond the proximity of your home, and you may not even ‘know’ the person. They can include a person near you in a shopping lane or anyone in need of your help. Your charity doesn’t come with strings […]