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November 2020


Understanding ~ Angel Message:  You learn new information about someone (and/or something) that sheds light and understanding. Not only were you unaware, but it was a completely foreign concept up till now. This knowledge can help you approach a situation with compassion. More importantly, you can make an informed decision for the higher good of …

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Shift ~ Angel Message:  A shift will set you right side up. Small changes such as starting your day doing something out of the ordinary, like taking a different path to a regular destination or changing your schedule around, can improve your attitude and increase energy levels. More importantly, shaking up everyday routines will help …

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Solution ~ Angel Message: You are the solution to the problem. The power is within you to make the change. If you rely on someone else for answers or help, ultimately, they disappoint. It’s not that you can’t receive guidance or assistance from outside sources; they can give you a perspective and lend you a …

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Gratitude ~ Angel Message: You find gratitude in the mundane. It is simple things worth acknowledging; appreciating you can breathe the air. Or watch a sunrise ~ or sunset. Notice the way you feel when the wind blows in your face. If you can sense these basic elements, know that you are okay in the …

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