April 2020

Calm ~ Angel Message


Maintain a calm demeanor despite adverse conditions. It does no one any favors, nor you, to lose your cool and control over any given situation. Your full attention is the only requirement for finding peace. They say the eye of the hurricane (and tornados) is the most tranquil space of any storm. Fierce winds converge …

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Energy ~ Angel Message: You are a source of energy. And how you fuel the mind, body, and spirit, will determine your outlook upon the world. Your daily input directly correlates to your output. Be mindful of your field; who, what, and or where depletes or replenishes your spirit. Where you put your attention can …

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Grace ~ Angel Message: Grace miraculously intercepts your life. Something big is about to happen that you couldn’t have predicted. The situation flips around in your favor just when you thought all was a lost cause. Someone, and or something, comes along at the right time to lend a helping hand. Some call it luck, …

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Believe ~ Angel Message


Believe in yourself. Given the pending circumstances with COVID, there’s no time to waste on thoughts that weaken your spirit. Release ideas that you’re not strong enough, smart enough, good enough, healthy enough, attractive enough, or wealthy enough to make it. Those thoughts are not divine. Waste no energy on others who make you feel …

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