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December 2019



Clear ~ Angel Message: Clear past remnants to embrace life in the new decade. Let go of people and things that no longer serve your highest good. You know who or what they are because they’ve held your head and heart hostage. Make room to welcome new people and things who help elevate you.  Let …

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Renewal ~ Angel Message


Renew ~ Angel Message: Your renewed spirit is prompting a change of mind about someone (and or something) in your life. It wasn’t like a big bang sort of thing that happened overnight. Instead, the shift has been an evolutionary process for you to see the dynamic from another perspective. Taking care of yourself prompted …

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Willing ~ Angel Message: If you’re willing, there is a way to get it all done this holiday season. It doesn’t help one bit to keep reiterating that there isn’t enough time in a day to accomplish it all. Or that you’re insanely busy. And if you stop to think about ‘how’ ~ you won’t. …

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Balance: Angel Message


Balance ~ Angel Message; Life is a balancing act. It isn’t easy juggling your health, relationships, career, and finances on an even keel. Something always has to give, but it doesn’t have to. Stay centered on your truth. Do what feels right, and all will be better around you. An excellent place to start is …

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