Month: November 2019



Spirit Transformation ~ Angel Message:  You are processing through a spiritual transformation. There’s a sense that the old way of doing things is dying on multiple levels. This can concern relationships, career/job, financial security, and life in general. It’s as if this sweeping change is out of your control, but it’s not. Your soul is …

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Birth ~ Angel Message: You’re giving birth to a new you. It may have come to you as an idea to take on a new role such as a parent/grandparent/godparent, partner/relationship, business, career, project, or creative endeavor. Maybe you’re inspired to evolve in more than one role. Whatever form, however, it began with a reoccurring …

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Bothering me

Bothering me ~ VIP Message for Sandy: My mother passed away ten years ago, and something has been bothering me. When they were taking her away for a test, we all were saying goodbye to her. When I bent down to kiss her, she started saying something like “button.” She had an oxygen mask on, so it …

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Beginning ~ Angel Message: A new beginning is emerging within you. You’ve felt it coming on for a long while. There have been emotional, mental, and as well as physical preparations for making this change. You know where you’re heading despite life getting in the way with its roadblocks here or there. These were all …

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Calm ~ Angel Message: Remain calm when going gets tough. Being panicked doesn’t help resolve problems. It only exacerbates challenges when you’re focused on them alone.  Don’t let yourself back down just yet. See it through to the end. Do you recall why you chose to go down this road? Now is the time to remember. …

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