Month: May 2019



Confidence ~ Angel Message; Confidence earns trust from others. When you believe in yourself, others believe in you too. By association, you empower others to believe in themselves too. If you feel insecure, people will pick up on that vibe and lose faith in you. You were born perfect in the creators image. Everything about …

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Grateful ~ Angel Message:  A grateful spirit receives many rewards. By staying positive, or focusing on the blessings, you attract more of the same into your life. Alternatively, being negative, or concentrating on the problems, builds more roadblocks. You see both sides of the coin, but choose to keep heads up by counting your blessings. …

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In my favor

In my favor ~ VIP Message for Jess: Can you please tell me if the financial settlement of my divorce will be in my favor? Medium Laura Lee: I’m sorry to hear you are going through this process Jess. I don’t believe you’ll be satisfied with the outcome. Even if he (or others in your …

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Hopeful – Angel Message: A hopeful spirit keeps you motivated. You expect the best from yourself and others. Your positive outlook on the situation is a powerful force that encourages and inspires others around you. People rise to the occasion by showing up and delivering results. No matter how minor or major the details, they …

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Surrender ~ Angel Message: Surrender your fears. It’s too hard carrying that weight upon your body, mind and soul. It doesn’t make you anymore important than the next person to be busier, to worry more, to work harder, to overcome bigger obstacles, to carry more debt, to have more pain or be sicker. Stop comparing …

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