April 2019



Open ~ Angel Message: You are open to the possibilities. Anything can happen at any moment. Trust whatever appears good or bad, that there’s always a divine reason. It’s easy to be excited if something upside down suddenly turns right side up, but not so much if something right side up turns upside down. Remember …

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Flow ~  Angel Message: You are in the flow. All is perfectly aligned. This includes your life ~ as it is now. Let go struggling against what ‘is.’ Time is too precious investing your time and energy in people, things and events that you cannot control. It is what it is. They are who they …

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Alluring ~ Angel Message: Someone has an alluring quality that draws you in. Something special makes them appealing not only to you, but others too. Pin point what it is about them that you admire. Perhaps you find their physical beauty, or their inner beauty, attractive. Maybe you’re drawn to their unique style, inner strength …

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Tender ~ Angel Messages: Tender is your heart. You’re especially sensitive to energies at this moment in time. Surround yourself with gentle environments, including friends and family members that support you. Sit with any fears until they pass. Breathe and ask yourself ~ “What’s the worst can happen?” It’s certainly not death. Whatever the answer, …

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Honest ~ Angel Message: Be honest with yourself. There’s no one to blame but yourself. You saw the situation needed your full attention for a long while now. And you’ve known all along what you needed to do. Scared, you avoided the challenge thinking it would go away or fix itself somehow. Diverting your attention …

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