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March 2018


Angel Messages for Week: Be open to engage in spontaneous moments of play. Maybe it’s having a tea party or playing a video game with a child (or adult :-), trying a new recipe for dinner, playing music, singing, dancing, creating art, writing poetry, working on a hobby and or enjoying a concert. This can …

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Angel Message for Week: Persevere despite the obstacles that block your path, the negative self talk that can always find excuses why you can’t…or reasons why it’s stupid, and the naysayers who point out how you’re wasting (yours/their) time. Maybe you made a mistake. So what? You learned something new ~ what not to do next …

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Angel Message for Week: “It takes courage to grow up and become who you are.” EE Cummings. Life is too short to be wasted on the trivial. What matters most is life. Pay attention what fills you up and gives you life. It won’t be things you think matter. Instead, it will be the moments …

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Angel Message for March: You shine bright, like a twinkling star, among others. Shout out to the world in your very clear and vibrant pitch. Leaders who demonstrated extraordinary boldness include Oscar winners/nominees; Best Actress Frances McDormand for Three Billboards using her platform for the women and diversity movement; Jordan Peele, first African American …

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