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December 2017


Angel Message for Week: ‘Angel Clarity’ shares a vision for your, not so distant, New Year. With it comes understanding of why it must come about for you. Trust that your inspiration came from a higher source and is not wishful thinking. It should be as clear as day because this isn’t the first time …

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VIP Message for Madeline: I feel like I am at a major crossroad in my life. There is so much I want to achieve but I don’t know which direction to take. I also recently found out I am pregnant. I am struggling with the early symptoms of pregnancy making achieve anything seem more difficult. At …

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The ‘Angel of Grace’ energizes you to accomplish what matters most ~ effortless. What seemed like an overwhelming task (or hurdle), most recently, is simply achieved. You are given a lift on a wing. It’s as if you’re real clear about why the moment is now. All blocks (mentally, physically, emotionally) removed, as so it …

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Angel Message for December: The ‘Angel of Obedience’ reminds you to pay attention and follow all signals. IF inner and outer signals are not simpatico, always trust your inner wisdom! Feelings that radiate from the heart are your guidepost. If you sense warmth, peace, love and joy ~ it feels good; GO! Move forward without hesitation …

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