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January 2017


Angel Message for Week: The Angel of Humor is going to give you a dose of their medicine this week. Like love and peace, humor brings forth joy and has the power to restore and heal the soul. Humor is the best form to combat fear, negativity and release blocks. It brings comfort, relaxation, boosts …

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Angel Message for Week: The ‘Angel of Surrender’ says to surrender your doubt. Surrender your uncertainties. Surrender your insecurities.Surrender all your negativity. Surrender your fears including anger, hate, sadness, grief, depression, jealousy, prejudices…etc. These things do not serve your highest good. They cloud your better judgement, making it difficult to listen to your guidance. Clear …

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Angel Message for Week: The ‘Angel of Education’ will guide you to seek out more information before making a snap decision. Avoid acting out of haste. Instead breath and be patient. Watch for what and who comes to you, out of thin air, in parting relevant knowledge concerning a particular matter that is pending on …

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The ring

Message of Love from Michele: After we spoke, something mystical happened. I was wrapping my pilates equipment with bubble paper for shipping. My ring slipped off my finger and crossed the room (this never happened before). This captured my attention, because I wore my mums wedding ring (from my father). She gave it to me …

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Angel Message of the Week: The ‘Angel of Love” invites you to engage only with people, places, things and activities that you love. Let your heart do the leading this week (reread Angel Message for New Year: Trust). Step aside from everything that makes you angry, hate, sad, weak, tired, and ill. Make an excuse if …

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Angel Message for 2017: The ‘Angel of Trust’ will invoke a deeper level of intimacy within yourself by sharpening your ability to discern inner guidance from the ramblings of the mind and drown out voices around you (including media). It is important for you to read between the lines of fact and fiction so that …

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