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June 2016


Angel Message for Week; The ‘Angel of Communication’ reconnects you to various people this week. These people help you climb your mountain (metaphorically speaking ~ unless you are planning a hiking expedition!); A goal that you aspire to attain. Your life purpose is intertwined with these connections. This angel shines a light upon you revealing your strengths, …

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Angel Messages for Week 6/13/16; The ‘Angel of Tender’ will give you an opportunity to exhibit a little tenderness this week; whether it is for yourself or someone else there is power in this act of kindness for everyone involved. Things aren’t always dark as they appear, but as humans, we all struggle through an emotional …

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Angel Message for week 6/6/16: The ‘Angel of Gratitude’ reminds you to be mindful of all your blessings this week. Blessings can be simple life treasures such as; breathing, waking, hearing, feeling, and seeing ~ maybe a  sunrise or sunset. Maybe you get the jest? Gratitude begets more gratitude. Even if things appear chaotic, something goes …

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Angel Message for June: The ‘Angel of Expectancy’ will surprise you with a pleasant gift; It is either tangible or something you will experience for your higher good. Whatever it is you that you had ‘hoped’ for ~ sent a positive vibe out in the universe. This present clearly demonstrates you are supported and loved. Be …

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Breaking Out

VIP Message for Kara: I’ve been breaking out in hives like every night for almost two months. I’ve been to a doctor and had blood tests. I also saw a Chinese doctor. I’m seeing an immunologist/allergist next week too. I’m reading up on sudden hive outbreaks and many times the cause is never found. Any information you …

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