April 2016



Angel Message for Week 4/25/16: The ‘Angel of Flexibility’ is paying you a visit this week to help you stretch a bit beyond your typical boundaries. It may feel uncomfortable at first, taking it to your edge, because you’ll feel a tug back and forth. But don’t resist this week, go with the flow. You …

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Spirit Salon Theater

Spirit Salon

Spirit Salon Group Reading Spirit Salon Sunday June 12, 2016 at 1 pm CT ~ Raise some heaven with Medium Laura Lee by contacting your dearly departed, a spirit guide or your angel too: Find answers, insight, or guidance! Laura Lee can see, feel, hear and know what the heavens have to say about things that matter most to …

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Angel Message for week 4/18/16: The ‘Angels of Communication’ are working behind the scenes this week to help open channels for clear communication. Pay close attention to that small, quiet, voice within. You may receive confirmation, for the same message, from an outside party such as a friend, family member, a colleague or even a …

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Angel Message for week 4/11/16: The ‘Angel of Balance’ comes into your life this week to show you were to focus your time and energy. Pay attention to your body’s signals as clues. For instance, if you find that you are knocked off your feet, at home sick, on bed rest, it means you’ve been working …

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Angel message for week 4/4/16: The ‘Angel of Expectancy’ delivers, most likely a message, this week, that you’ve long waited, and as well needed, to hear from another party (person). Just be open and receptive to receive this message in whatever manner it is delivered (may not be a phone message as depicted). Truth be told, …

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I forgive

Messages of Love Story by Alexandra: My ex and I have agreed on divorce terms, which is a great relief.  When I went to pick up our kids this morning I could sense he was emotional. I turned to him and said thank you for working with me to get a settlement (after 3 1/2 years …

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