February 1, 2016

Heart aching

VIP Question from Katie: My heart is aching. Mostly because I feel alone, although I feel strong, too. I thought I had found mutual deep love and care in a deep friendship that has developed over the last five years with my friend Will.  When I finally worked up the courage to tell him I …

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I loved her

Message of Love from Allen: My neighbor lady that we called Aunt Nanette (appeared to me) when I was asleep. She woke me up. (She) stood by my bed and told me she died. She was wearing a blue dress. Aunt Nanette told me to have my mom and dad check on her in the …

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Angel Message for February: The ‘Angel of Grace’ weaves in and out of your life this month to show you beauty where you once saw ugliness and tenderness where you felt aversion. These opportunities help release judgements that clouded your perceptions. Grace moves in to reveal truth; Love is all there is…you’ll see things in …

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