Month: August 2015


Angel Message for Wk 8/10: The ‘angel of transformation’ is helping you cross a threshold this week: emotionally, which then automatically transcends the mental, physical and spiritual part of your being too. I believe it has something to do with letting go of the past. I see her walking with you from the shadows into …

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Tell me

VIP Question from Kennedy: Does anyone from the other side have anything to tell me? Medium Laura Lee: Hi Kennedy, I sense you have another Kennedy (first/middle name) from the other side, grandparent (?), who is near you. You are never alone, as they are always by your side to guide you. I see that …

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Angel Message for August: The ‘Angel of Efficiency’ will be involved in your life throughout the month. She is helping you discern what to toss in the ‘out’ basket and what to keep in the ‘in’ basket. This may have been difficult in the past, because the past literally blocked you with the clutter, but …

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