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June 1, 2015

Find clarity

VIP Question from Terry: Can you give me any recommendations to find clarity in my situation or give me any insight: I have to make an important decision in the following months to move in with my partner or not? This hasn’t been easy because it involves kids. Medium Laura Lee: From my perspective, as […]

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Out together

Messages of Love from Diana: If you look carefully in the picture, there is a little white cloud (orb) above the purple bag. In the bag, is a box with Charles (late husband) ashes, which we had just picked up from the Neptune Society.  My daughters and I went to dinner at one of Charles

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Angel Message for June ~ Adventure: I see the ‘angel of adventure’ climbing a mountain. Completely enjoying the moment while remaining focused on his next step ahead. He climbs in complete peace. But one false move, out of the moment, could actually make him stumble or even fall. Meanwhile, his focus is so keen in

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