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February 2015


Angel Message for Wk 2/23 ~ Strength: An angel comes to the aid of a person who rests beneath a tree.  She holds out her hand as if to help him to his feet. It appears that the Angel’s light, aura, seems to magnify when she takes his hand in hers giving him strength to …

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Angel Message for Week 2/9 ~ Integrity: I see archangel Uriel, glowing in a beautiful blue-ish light. His heart glimmers a gold white light ~ almost like fire. He is the angel of inner wisdom. It seems from this image, that he is guiding you to lead with your heart. The heart is not only …

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No response

VIP Question from Ed: What do you tell people who have prayed to feel God’s love, prayed for help healing deep emotional pain, prayed for guidance, prayed for help finding their own inner source of spiritual love…..and have heard no response? Medium Laura Lee: Sometimes God’s words cannot be heard through the loud noises in …

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Life goes on

Message of Love from Robert ~ We recently received an announcement that our family reunion is this summer. We are looking forward to the gathering since a few more additions, babies, have come into the world. The other evening, while I was sound asleep, I believe I had a visitation with family members from the …

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Angel Message for February – Patience: I see an angel patiently knitting. She knows that if she keeps moving, with due diligence by staying focused in the moment, stitch by stitch, that a wonderful sweater will result. She has peace knowing full well that all good things come with divine timing. And her blessings are …

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