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November 2014


‘HEALING’ Angel Message for Wk 11/24: I see two angels where one is healing the other angel with energy. I feel this is concerning a relationship(s) where there is healing over the mind and heart, because I see light emanating from these areas upon one of the angels. This makes me think of a call …

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HELLP Syndrome

VIP question from Cathie/IL: Dear Laura Lee, I wanted to let you know that our Laura is healing SO fast now!!  We have been overwhelmed with prayers and love and kindness from so many across the United States. We are so very grateful for all the love our family received during this very sad time. However, …

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Outward appearances

Messages Of Love from Gwen: As a professional photographer, I’m always searching for perfect backdrops for my subjects. This weekend, I found this abandon (at least from outward appearances) building, behind my most recent clients in Chicago, as an intriguing subject. This photograph was an extreme zoom lens view at the window. It appears to …

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Angel Messages for Wk 11/17 ~ Clarity: There is an angel looking over the horizon with binoculars. With the binoculars, he sees clearly into the near distant future. It seems, too, that the sun is rising over the hilltops. This is a good omen for you, since last week was about ‘purification’ (Angel Message 11/10). …

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Gift certificate

Holiday Gift Certificates ~ Gift an Angel or Dearly Departed Reading to your loved one this holiday. We can pre-schedule to send a gift certificate, in a holiday ecard, to your recipient. Just for the holidays, we are offering a special rate of $150 for a 20 minute phone consultation ($220 for 20 minute in-person) with Psychic Medium …

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Angel Message for Wk 11/10: I see an angel weeping. This is a week where you may undergo a ritual of self purification. If you feel swept away by sadness or depression over something, maybe in your past (or tied to the present), go with the flow of your emotions. This will help you move …

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Panic attacks

VIP question from Lisa: Hi Laura, I just read an article on the internet about empathy that you wrote which describes me perfectly. I feel my son may be an empath as well. He is experiencing extreme panic attacks which are affecting his life and mine. ? If he is happy, the world is good. …

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