March 2014

Business on Etsy

Cindy from Charlotte, NC: Hello! I was thinking of starting a small craft business on Etsy. I just wanted to know if you had any feelings about this for me? Cindy Medium Laura Lee: Rock it Rachel. I believe you inherited this ‘crafty’ gene from family…maternal side. May include some sewing (quilt? somewhere down line?). …

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Angel Message for Week 3/24: If you’ve been following the angel message over the last few weeks in March, for openness and being open (read previous entries), then this week is to make sure you trust the signals you’ve received from your heart. I see an angel approach a wild horse, extending grass in hand, …

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What a gift

Message of Love Story from Suzie: Our childhood was spent in various ballparks; one of my three brothers was always playing in one league or another and I was always along for the ride. My parents were also sponsors of a men’s fast-pitch softball team and were avid St. Louis Cardinal fans. We spent a …

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I am seeing

Joanne from IL: Hello Laura Lee, Can you explain what I am seeing when I see blue, yellow and white sparkle lights, around myself and sometimes other people. Blessings, Joanne Medium Laura Lee: It sounds as if you are opening, seeing the miraculous phenomena of auras (energy around people.) ~ but, white sparkle lights, or …

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Angel Message for week 3/17/14: I don’t think we are done with the subject, because again, I am still seeing an angel stand embracing the light and fully open to receive guidance in many forms. Your job is to be open to; new ideas, opportunities, advice and people. These elements were put on your path …

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Angel Message for Week 3/10/14: The angel stands fully in the light, open, receptive and receiving guidance. Your job is just to remain open too. And you’ll be guided as well. This week take a mini break during the day to literally capture some sun rays (If any! If not, close your eyes and pretend …

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Spring Clean

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Weird vibes

Elmira from MI: I listen every week… regarding work. What guidance can I get about my current job. I’m feeling weird vibes but I do have an over active imagination sometimes lol. Is there any changes I should be aware of? Elmira Medium Laura Lee: Let’s dig in here…pay attention. If you ‘feel’ weird vibes, …

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