November 2013

Angel Message: Trust

Trust ~ To build trust with others, we have to demonstrate we trust by extending a hand (or metaphorically, our heart) in situations. I see an angel cautiously approaching a skittish unicorn to feed. Unicorns symbolize a few things; innocence, clear vision, and powers of perception way beyond limited senses of material realm. So if …

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Angel Message: Play

PLAY! You so want life to be easy, carefree and playful…if only you were just ‘graced’ with such a good life? Right? But you are already graced! Celebrate it! Besides being human, you are a spiritual, divine, being at the highest order. You can choose to have an easy, carefree and playful lifestyle. I see …

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Angel Message: Freedom

FREEDOM ~ Angel stands in the light, open and receptive, waiting to receive guidance before next move. This is where you are currently; waiting for an answer, direction, guidance, or more information to make a sound decision. One you won’t regret later. And according to this angel, you will receive answers if you are open …

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